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Strawberry Cabin     BBQ  MENU

Cabin Burgers: - All served on Brioche Buns (Halal):

Cabin Burger:

Cabin cheeseburger:   

Cabin double cheeseburger:   

Cabin bacon double cheeseburger:   

Cabin halloumi burger:   


Cabin Hotdogs -  served on Brioche Buns:

Cabin plain hotdog with caramelised onion:   

Cabin cheesy hot dog served with cheesy nacho sauce  with crispy onion:  

Cabin chilli dog served with homemade chilli, sour cream, with spring onions:   

Cabin veggie hotdog served with caramelised onions:   


Braised BBQ pulled leg of pork on a brioche bun with homemade coleslaw

& pink pickled shallots:   


Shawarma marinated chicken thighs with ratatouille served on an

open pitta bread:    (Halal)



Cheesy dirty fries  with cheesy nacho sauce, crispy onions & slice jalapenos:   

Chilli dirty fries  with homemade chilli, sour cream & sliced spring onions:   

Large bowl of seasoned fries

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